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Why Are Financial Reporting Important for Small Businesses?

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It is important to choose a frequency that is appropriate for your business and stakeholders. Yes, cloud-based accounting software Akounto makes it simple for individuals and small businesses to create reports and financial statements according to generally accepted accounting principles. Investors and creditors can also make intra-firm comparisons of financial progress for different periods. As busy business owners, you don’t have time to navigate the many financial reports and try to understand what is going on. You likely have a better intuitive feel of your business than relying on the accounting system. Bridge the intuitive and the financial by using Key Performance Indicators or KPIs.


Next total up all of your expenses such money spent on materials, payroll, advertising, utilities, equipment and rent on business properties. You can find your bottom line by subtracting your total expenses from your total income. Running financial reports to stay on top of your business’s cash flow, budgetary fluctuations, sales activities, and other aspects of your small business is imperative for its success. While accounts payable reports track the money you owe to others, accounts receivable reports let you know who owes you money.

Statement of Retained Earnings

A few of you reached out to us after reading her post, asking for more about some of the financial statements that Melissa mentioned. You can work with your accounting professionals or engage an online service provider to help ensure that your business is compliant with its reporting and obligations throughout the year. 4 types of financial statements that every business needs by Belle Wong, J.D. Under the cash basis method, you record income when the money is received and you record expenses when the money is paid. Under the accrual basis method, you record income when the sale occurs, regardless of whether you’ve been paid.

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If you use an online solution, you can access your reports from anywhere with an internet connection. Working capital is the amount of money you have after paying short-term debts. Use the balance sheet to find working capital by subtracting current liabilities from current assets.

Income/Profit and Loss Statement

Note that the ending cash balance ($40,000) equals the cash balance in the balance sheet. Usually, small businesses will create a cash flow statement every month, allowing them to easily spot cash flow trends over longer stretches of time and assure their operations are sustainable. Whether you call it an income statement or profit and loss statement, this report will provide a broad look at your organization’s financial health. From there, your cash flow statement provides a more comprehensive view of how your business operates, where it’s making money, and how you make choices about expenses. For this reason, investors typically scrutinize the cash flow statement. Also known as a statement of revenue and expense, or a profit and loss statement (P&L), the income statement is a statement of earnings that shows a business’s operating and nonoperating revenue and expenses.

  • Product sales, freelance revenue, advertising revenue, services provided, etc. are all examples of business income.
  • Cash and accrual accounting, you can probably guess that the method you chose can really dictate the figures reported on your P&L.
  • Most companies produce a multi-step income statement, which documents how a firm produces net income.
  • Equity is the difference between assets and liabilities and refers to the true value of a business.

We surveyed almost 50 SMB professionals about their experiences to provide insight. Which small business financial reports should you track for your organization? Whether you’re looking for investors for your business or want to apply for credit, you’ll find that producing four types of financial statements can help you. As a small business, you have a choice of whether you use the cash or accrual method of accounting.

What is a profit and loss statement?

In order to present value formula and manage the flow of cash in and out of your business, you’ll need to maintain a cash flow statement. This is a statement that shows physical money moving in and out of your business. You base your cash flow statement partly on your sales forecasts, balance sheet items and other assumptions. Existing business should have historical financial statements to use to project their cash flow.

  • Financial statements are an important part of running a profitable, financially-sound business.
  • Of course, high churn rates may be the norm in sectors with long purchase cycles and/or heavy competition.
  • Aprofit and loss (P&L) statement, also referred to as an income statement, is used to evaluate your current financial condition and your prospects for growth.
  • Our respondents had two favorites — interactive financial dashboards and static reports.

Use of our products and services are governed by ourTerms of Use andPrivacy Policy. I teach female solopreneurs how to create & execute strategies, organize & systematize their businesses, and level up their productivity. Under the accrual method, you would record a $1,500 expense this month, when you take the laptop and become obligated to pay for it. Let’s say you are a freelance designer who just got a contract to create branding, a website, and collateral materials for a photography studio.

Step 4: Project Net Profit

And if you want to go the DIY route, download this free balance sheet template to get started. Asset management (how effectively you’re managing your assets) and liquidity ratios . Some of this data can be found in your point-of-sale system or loyalty program. Since the cost of acquiring a new customer is five times higher than retaining an existing one, you want to keep tabs on whether your customers have a good experience with your product or service. If your cash flow is looking weak — e.g., you have more cash going out than coming in — you may decide to get temporary financing or cut expenses. In May, you sold $1,200,000 in furniture, and your cost of goods sold totalled $900,000.

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Using the cash method, you would record a $500 expense each month for three months, when you actually make the payment. Let’s say you purchased a new laptop for $1,500 and that you are going to pay for it in three installments of $500 each (we’ll ignore interest costs for this illustration). Often, the break-even point is a specific sales target that will cover your expenses and get you to profitability. You may also build on other assumptions, such as economies of scale, improved production efficiency, or reduced marketing expenses, as long as you can explain them in a way that’s acceptable to investors. A low churn rate can compensate for a high acquisition cost, and it’s often an indicator of less risk for investors if you have steady repeat business. Of course, high churn rates may be the norm in sectors with long purchase cycles and/or heavy competition.

With Akounto, you don’t have to create financial reports by hand anymore. Read the statement of cash flows to determine how well the company manages its cash. Compare the statement of cash flows to the income statement to get a clear picture of how much of the company’s sales come from cash and how much from credit transactions. Certain small businesses, such as independent retail outlets, are much more likely to take only upfront payments, compared with their established counterparts. Others, such as attorneys, are more likely to perform work on account for their clients, exposing themselves to nonpayment risk. Consider the type of business you are analyzing before making conclusions about the cash flow statement.

Used to rate the overall financial health of a small firm and decide whether its current operating model is viable, financial ratios are a key factor in assessing a company’s basic financial health. In most cases, you will use either the current ratio or quick ratio. Financial statements provide a formal record of an organization’s financial activity, its current financial status and an idea of how well it may perform in the future. Financial statements can help to show business activity and financial performance. They arerequired for audits and are often used for tax, financing or investing purposes.

A lender will review your cash flow position when you apply for a loan. This will show them whether or not you have enough cash flow to cover the debt you want to take on in addition to any existing debt you have. The Cash Flow Statement summarizes all cash inflows and cash outflows of a business over a period of time. The balance sheet includes all of a company’s assets, liabilities and shareholder equity.

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In this article, we’ll cover the ins and outs of the seven most important financial reports for small businesses, from cash flow statements to weekly sales reports. For YourParkingSpace’s Charles Cridland, a cash flow statement importance comes from its broad overview. “The cash flow statement is the most critical financial report because it’s vital in seeing the big picture. It summarizes all cash inflows and cash outflows of a business over a certain period, providing details where the money is spent and indicates if the business is generating enough cash or not.

Another way to maintain accurate financial statements is to choose your accounting conventions and stick to them. It can be extremely frustrating when trying to compare current performance to previous years only to be lost in the milieu of different categorisation methods or accounting methods. In a multi-step income statement, you first find your gross profit and then your operating income for a period of time. At month-end, the books close, and all revenue and expense accounts adjust to zero.

retained earnings

For instance, a B2B service-based company might list the total number of consultations held while a small subscription-based business might list trial conversions this week. The budget vs. actual report compares your expected expenditures and revenues to what you actually paid and earned, over a period of time . As for who uses it, the income statement is most valuable to internal stakeholders, such as members of the board, and external ones, such as investors or creditors. The statement is concerned with liquid assets so it can inform businesses on what they can and can’t afford to do in the near future. The information acquired that way allows them to avoid cash flow issues and other hurdles known to plague small businesses. Sales reports come in all sorts of formats, so feel free to customize yours with the sales KPIs that matter to your business.

Your assets must equal your liabilities plus your equity or owner’s investment. You have used your liabilities and equity to purchase your assets. Thebalance sheetshows your firm’s financial position with regard to assets and liabilities/equity at a set point in time. The Owner’s Equity Statement, showing changes in shareholders’ interests over time, is not necessary for a private company. Cash flow management involves tracking and optimizing the money that flows into and out of your business.