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I purchased a gold plated chain and bracelet for my boyfriend for Christmas and had given it to him on Christmas day. I emailed the company and they explained that they only had a 7 day return policy despite people ordering things for Christmas and having people obviously needing to return or exchange gifts after Christmas. I’d like a refund on my order as there is no reason why they cannot do that and the jewelry can be resold because of it not being worn at all. I will be contacting other websites and places to further address my complaint and inform people of this company practicing unfair business procedures. There is not reason why I should not be able to get my money back for a Christmas gift that was not wanted.

  • I think the latex paint over the 6oz glass cloth and epoxy will more than exceed my busted up work boat appearance standards.
  • The sticky tape and thickened epoxy peeled right off of one side of the failed joint….
  • I like the looks of a whole lot of small one person recreational boats but the GLD just kind of took hold of me.
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I had to saw the transom, midframe, stem, all of that. I started putting thickened epoxy in some of the voids, this appears to be CC grade, there doesn’t seem to be a good side. The dory is meant to be a knockabout to tend my allotted two crab pots, maybe some salt water/brackish water fly fishing .

EDIT – That’s another reason I want to try this way David, I have the latest Instant Boats book and there’s no mention of any molds or such for the longer light dory. Dynamite even allowed as how he believed you could attach the bottom without stitches, just tack it a the transom and stem. His reason for not doing so was impatience waiting for the goop to set. My only other advice would be to pay attention to the construction of the seats. Other than education, skill, experience, hair, teeth, reasonable body mass index, a published book, and that whole rocket scientist thing, what does Jim have that I don’t?

I picked it up from the builders of one of the most elegant beautiful class racing sailboats, the PDR. The GLD is dangerously close to a non-square boat, so I had to add some trailer park chic somehow. Plus this way, I get to use the drywall screws on the next one. Before you add much more structure you’ll want to check for twist in the hull. Stretch a tight line from stem to transom center, and draw a line down the center in the bottom. A plumb line dropped to the centerline on the bottom will tell you if the two lines are dead parallel.

That was fine for roadtrips to sailboat races, some of them far from home. For more local trips to the launching ramp, the best solution is a trailer. The reason is that the boat will be used as a launch for my sailboat, so it will sit alongside floats and on moorings for long periods.

website was easy to use and shipping…

On father’s day each year I am required to make a pilgrimage to the place where all knowledge is kept, my father-in-law’s crib. I will putz around with my home made oars tomorrow, I have the original cut, the Mk 1 V.T. And the Mk III N.L.T. some monkeying around with the new transom, and either cleaning up the recovered stem from Hull attempt No. 1.

There is a hole cut in the transom, needs a bit of rasp work. Used a hole saw, hand saw, rasp, sandpaper so far. Edited to add, wait until I post up my ‘reclaimed’ thwarts made from some 3/4 pine sub flooring ply some idiot dumped in my woodlot….. Iffn you need a hand horsing something around, let me know. I live a bit south of Dover, work in the city and could help.

is gld godz legit

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If your product is damaged, it fades or stops working under normal wear, this guarantee entitles you to aone-timereplacement for the piece. International shipping is handled via USPS First Class International and takes anywhere from business days. Hi, I have resolved the issue with the business. BBB was able to get me a response and we worked it out from there. Our 7 day return policy is set in place to protect us from people who used to order items for an event or outing and then return them to us after.

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is gld godz legit

Fake jewelry doesn’t always have the best reputation, but that doesn’t mean that you get to settle on poor quality brands and jewelry. There is a lot more offered by Jewelry Fresh, meaning that if you are looking for a site that offers everything you didn’t know you needed, this is it. Cleaning and rinsing – now it is time to steam or electroclean the microscopic dirt. It is essential to ensure that our gold plate will not fall off in particular places.

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There’s nothing like getting that first actual boat shape happening. When I first started building Redwing I worked like a man possessed for 6 weeks, just to get turbovpn review that boat shape. I keep promising myself to buy a good 14″ bandsaw some day. I took a lapstrake building class at WBS and had a chance to use their 21″ bandsaw.

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  • 1.) I did NOT request to cancel my order and I’m a little angry it got cancelled somehow.

The process we use is the highest quality plating available. This process allows our gold plated jewelry to last longer than any typical gold plating you may be used to. We are constantly working to improve processes to ensure our products are the longest lasting available. Solid Gold items are not subject to returns, due to the fact that each piece is made to order. Solid Gold items are subject to repair only at a fee of $99.

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Strike layer – also called a “flash layer”, adheres a thin layer of high-quality nickel plating to the base metal. It is done to improve the bonding between the underlying surface and the plating. Once any of our custom piece goes into production, there can be NO cancellations. On Custom Script Pendant , If you would like to make an exchange for a different chain length, there is a 49 USD handling fee. Hold at location is available at / UPS My Choice App with your tracking information if you will not be home for delivery on expedited services.