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DevOps Interview Questions

Charge / accept any form of consideration or security deposit from job seekers and applicants during any stage of the selection and/ or recruitment process. Solid communication and interpersonal skills are a must. Understanding of the impact of security on software and how to secure your developments. Third Republic is a next generation sourcing provider connecting leading employers with top rated off-market talent specialising in advanced technologies.

  • Coding seems hard because it takes a lot of time to master and even build the first useful program.
  • Having formal qualifications in computer science or similar can also be advantageous.
  • As a relatively new methodology, DevOps is prone to continuous developments and enhancements, making it an exciting time to join the profession.
  • This career-ready program will give you the technical and non-technical knowledge to be confident in your ability to reliably execute your job function.
  • By reading this book, you do not have to spend time searching the Internet for DevOps interview questions.

This is a great role within a very well established company. Excellent organisation, communication and interpersonal skills. We have created a 1 month onboarding program for people with no computer experience, which will get them ready to begin the DevOps program. Topics are covered in a compressed fashion, focusing on what is essential for completing tasks as a DevOps engineer.

Salt’s advice for getting a DevOps job

If IT can’t keep up with a development backlog, it could be disastrous for a business. Because of this, there will always be the need for DevOps Engineers in IT departments across many industries. This is another live exercise, but this time you’ll work directly with the team. We’ll spend 90 minutes working together on a coding exercise that’s representative of the kind of task you’ll be doing on the job. If everything else goes well, we’ll invite you to our office in London to meet the team. Guide you through how the rest of the interview process will work.

Choose carefully what you put your attention on and resist the urge to multitask. Choose your top 2 or 3 skill areas and focus on cultivating them.

DevOps Engineer Duties and Responsibilities

Have you learnt any new skills or developed existing skills? Yes, I had no idea about how to do any of this prior to last year. The teams how to become a devops engineer I have been in are incredibly supporting and explain everything. I feel I am now valued member of the team even after a short time.

devops engineer job questions