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Java Clean Code How to Write Clean Code in Java

This is the fundamental contradiction that drives most programmers. But it won’t overwhelm you, because you need to name them, and it’s an eye-opening experience. You have to come up with names for tiny concepts.

This means sitting at the same terminal, the same keyboard, and writing code together. A clean code minimizes the change of misunderstandings when working with other developers and programmers. Furthermore, this also means lesser bugs to deal with in the future. This may look like the most obvious thing in this article, but it is often ignored. Whitespaces can help you make your code very readable. That is why it is advised to add whitespaces and indentation as this makes the code less prone to errors and easy to read and understand.

  • By writing code that is readable, you are optimizing for the 90% of the time we are reading code, rather than the 10% of the time you are writing it.
  • If you’re looking for more, check out the Complete Python Development Guide, where you’ll learn how to write clean code from a practical, learning-by-doing approach.
  • You should only create a new module when it makes sense to do so.
  • When your code is indented, it becomes more readable and easier to find what you’re looking for.

In today’s age where we have autonomous vehicles on the road, the rules on code structuring and writing have gained relevance. Furthermore, more diligence should be applied to security-critical and safety systems. Any project would need changes, new features to existing ones. In any software project, maintenance is the major cost. New features or additional ones always are an afterthought. Easier for new members of the team to get on board.

Clean Code Explained – A Practical Introduction to Clean Coding for Beginners

Most importantly however is that they could modify or extend it themselves. The first recipient of clean code is, of course, the programmer. Working on a project for months sometimes News and resources for web developers makes it easy to forget what you’ve done with the code. This is particularly true when a client comes back with changes. Making changes is easier with clean code lines.

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They may be changing the passed parameters, in case of passing by reference, or maybe changing a global variable. The isValidInsertion method takes care of checking the validity of the column number and allows us the focus on the logic for inserting the chip instead. You should also make use of your language’s constant naming and declaration conventions such as private static final in Java or const in JavaScript. Noise words are the words that do not offer any additional information about the variable. Even if the type is a list, accounts is a simpler and better name.

Each entity that we operate during the development should be responsible only for its own part of the functionality. How many programmers, so many definitions, what is clean code. Often, when interviewing, we hear that good code is one that is easy to read. We agree, but as our personal experience suggests, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The cons of the DRY principle are that you can end up with too many abstractions, external dependency creations, and complex code. DRY can also cause complications if you try to change a bigger chunk of your codebase. This is why you should avoid DRYing your code too early.

Clean code can be read and enhanced by a developer other than its original author. With understandability comes readability, changeability, extensibility and maintainability. This one is serious because others who see the code will be afraid to delete it because they do not know if it is there for a reason.

Use solution domain names

The client may or may not notice the time you spend on it. But over a year or two, the code is going to get better, your estimates will shrink, and you’ll be faster. I just recently learned how to fly an airplane, and I had an experienced pilot next to me all the time. This way I didn’t have to make the mistakes, which have serious consequences in an airplane. That person made sure that I learned safely and quickly. The survival of the crew depends on every member of the crew being as disciplined and well-practiced as possible.

what is clean code

We’re in the position where we can kill people, and we’ve done it too. I explain things like how I was fired before, and how you write code when you’ve just had a fight with your significant other. Finally, I just looked at myself in the mirror and said, you need to write this book. You may not be the best person to write it, but it has to be written. You adopt a new rule to check every module so it’s a bit cleaner than when you checked it out.

You won’t be in the software development field for long before joining a project that is either a real-time collaboration or contains legacy code. The approach to problem-solving changes when writing clean code. Furthermore, software design and algorithm design become more intentional and elegant. Stick to specific coding styles or practices and use it everywhere. It’s not a good idea to use different styles or practices in another project. It’s not as smooth and natural as it could be getting back to old code.

They use chapters, headings, and paragraphs to clearly organize their thoughts and painlessly guide their reader. Developers work in a very similar system, but use namespaces, classes, and methods instead of words. Clean code is code that is easy to understand and maintain. In short, clean coding is the way of writing code such that the code is easily readable, testable, and less prone to errors. Imagine you go to a shop and there is no consistency over how the items are placed in the area. It would be hard to find the products you are searching for.

Look at your team morale

There is an opinion that there is no need to monitor the quality of the code or part of the system that will soon be replaced. High quality workmanship will make the transition or integration with new parts easier, smoother and faster. It will surely make life easier in cases where several versions of the code have to be supported at the same time. The number of regression errors with clean code will be several times less. Also, do not forget that nothing is more permanent than a temporary solution. Perhaps the tasks for improving this part of the code will lie in the backlog for several months.

It is of the best interest of all to write code in such a way that makes it easy to read as well as understand. It isn’t a must to write code that looks minified. Rather, use line breaks, empty lines, and indentation to make the code structure more readable. I encourage you to go one step further and learn how to write clean code yourself. Then practice writing clean code each and every day.

what is clean code

Most programmers dream of writing code quickly and as beautifully as possible, and so that everything works perfectly the first time. But not everyone succeeds in making the code not only workable, but also understandable. There are two ways – self-organization and teamwork. There’s no single recipe you can follow to write good, clean code.

You should know your language’s conventions in terms of spacing, comments, and naming things. There are style guides available for many languages. Use your IDE’s refactoring features and extract a method whenever you come across a repeated code segment. Here is a piece of code from a school project of mine. This code is responsible for inserting a chip on the board of the Connect4 game. Refactoring the condition and putting it into a named function is a good way to make your conditionals more readable.

Code Comments

In Programming, Refactoring is a technique used for restructuring an existing code without modifying the external behavior of the code. ©Copyright 2023 Geniusee – Software product development services. In this article, we will talk about wholesale automation, its benefits, and software that can help you to increase the effectiveness of your eCommerce business. Of course, there are tools to help you track errors. You can choose the tracker available on the market that suits your needs.

Avoid Hardcoding

This means that we are maximizing the value of the software without adding any unnecessary costs. Clean code helps us increase the overall value, and reduce the overall cost, 870 Java Software Engineer jobs in Berlin, Germany 35 new of both creating and maintaining software. It does this by focusing on creating reader-centric code that is simple, readable, understandable, testable and maintainable.

Bugs are inevitable whether you write clean or dirty code. Clean code, however, makes for faster debugging, whatever your expertise or experience may be. Managers or colleagues could help and jump in to help you. Someone took the time to keep it orderly and simple. Moreover, they have paid close attention to details, meaning that they cared. Coupling generally refers to the degree to which the different modules/classes depend on each other.